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Dear Parent,

Are you ready to invest in your child’s future and success? If so, I’ve got great news: You’ve found the right place.

At Revolution Mixed Martial Arts, We’re more than just a fun and exciting activity, we’re a success academy for kids.  Sure, your kid is going to have a ton of fun, your child will literally be begging you to come, but more importantly, you’ll see your child totally transformed, starting immediately.

Now, before I tell you all of the great benefits your child will get from our program, just check out what some of our parents and other professionals have to say:

Kids Martial Arts Benton AR

The Revolution MMA kids’ program is absolutely phenomenal. Our daughter has struggled with shyness and low self-esteem so, when a friend invited her to check out the Jiu Jitsu class at Revolution MMA, she nervously agreed. But that first introductory class was the start of something great! Jory and Abby have developed a program built on proper technique, respect and discipline that’s also full of encouragement and fun. A year later, our girl is still going strong at Revolution. We’ve seen many direct benefits, including more confidence, better fitness and greater self-control. Abby is a terrific role model and works hard to instill a strong work ethic in her students. The kids’ program at Revolution MMA is so much more than “just another class” for us. It has helped our daughter become a stronger, healthier, happier child who continues to amaze her parents and – most importantly – herself.”

~Tawni, Parent

Kids Karate Benton, Bryant, AR“We signed our 4 year old son up at Revolution Mixed Martial Arts hoping that it would give him some focus and discipline. He was welcomed into the studio immediately. I wasn’t sure that he was ready for the class, but the instructor assured me that he was doing great! The results were almost immediate. Within the first month of training, we saw an increase in his focus and a desire to learn and to make Mrs Abby proud. We’ve had an awesome experience with Revolution thus far!!! Thank you, Jory and Abby!!!!”

~ Chris Owen – Parent


Kids Karate Benton Ar“I have trained in martial arts for over 30 years, and I feel strongly that you will be hard-pressed to finding a better place to train than Revolution Mixed Martial Arts. I know that you have many choices in terms of training, but I highly recommend you train with Jory and Abby Malone. First, they have the credentials. Whether you are looking for success in competition or general physical fitness,
Jory and Abby have worked hard to obtain the credentials for education, training, and application. Their competition record speaks for itself. But more important than their own competition success, I see the ability to help their students succeed. What truly sets them apart is the combination of hard work, scientific training, and personal investment that they make with every student who walks in their school, whether it is to become an expert competitor or simply get in shape.
As an educator and counselor, I can attest to the professionalism that Jory and Abby display when teaching, whether for kids or adults. They provide a solid curriculum and expert strategies to encourage personal success through traditional values across all skill levels for any age.

~Richard S. Balkin, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC
7th Degree Black Belt, Taekwon-Do
Associate Professor
Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology
Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi, TX


Now that you’ve heard from some of our other parents (who are just like you) & professionals, let me tell you why Revolution is the best thing you can do for your child.

Here are just a few of the benefits that children can get from training at Revolution:

          • Improved Confidence
          • Real, practical self defense skills
          • Life Skills
          • Self control
          • Speed
          • Discipline
          • Respect
          • Coordination
          • Kindness
          • Improved Flexibility
          • Better Study Habits
          • Focus
          • Drive
          • Improved mood
          • Better social skills
          • Determination
          • Increased strength
          • Healthy Eating Habits
          • Success Habits
          • Initiative
          • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
          • Competition
          • Work Ethic
          • Culture
          • Agility
          • Motor Skill Development
          • Increased IQ
          • Leadership Ability
          • Regard for others
          • Life Advantage
          • And so much more……..


Kickboxing Lessons Bryant AR“My daughter began Kickboxing at Revolution MMA last year, and it has drastically improved her self-confidence! She loves practices and never wants to miss! She gets so much exercise and in a fun way that also teaches her how to protect herself. Jory and Abby are wonderful, they work well with everyone and it has become more like a family. She always comes home telling me about the wonderful people she works with. I am looking forward to some daytime classes that I can attend, Thank you Abby for taking care of my girl and teaching her to take care of herself!!”

~Dawn A Revolution MMA Benton


“What Does Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Provide That My Kids Won’t Learn Elsewhere?”

That’s a common question many parents have, and the answer is simple: EVERYTHING.

Sure, all sports are great for kids, but no where else is going to give your child the same access to World Class Training and our Complete Life Skills Curriculum for success that you get at Revolution.  No where else will your kids train with such high level professional coaches who are deeply invested in your child’s success. No where else will you find a complete, comprehensive program that will develop your child to be successful in life!

Our plan at Revolution is 2 fold: To develop your child’s body, mind & character.

First, your child is going to learn real, practical self defense, that actually works. We aren’t going to have your child doing a bunch of boring repetitive moves that have no point, or that aren’t practical on the streets of modern society. You’re child is going to do real, practical exercises to improve motor skill and help him/ her learn the techniques we teach. Our techniques are focused on the most statistically probable scenarios that happen in a bullying confrontation. Your child will learn how to take care of himself/ herself as well as friends, younger siblings, etc. The skills, drills and class routines are personally developed by Revolution’s own Certified Strength and conditioning coaches and professional athletes in order to speed your child’s athletic development overall, ensuring his/ her success in all sports and in life.

Second, our program will develop your child’s mind and character, along with the physical self. Most importantly, your child will learn how to deal with “bullying” situations without becoming a bully. Rest assured we will teach your child to be a good, productive member of society, not a bully. In fact, we have a history of transforming kids and teens who had previous, frequent run ins with trouble at school and with the police. After our program, these kids and teens no longer went looking for trouble, and are now productive, successful members of our society.  Each Month, you can expect your child to focus on a different character trait, so that over time, your child has a well rounded positive character built on separate positive character traits. In fact, many of our children get recognized at school for their displays of positive character traits towards teachers and other students. And did I mention the better grades they’ll start to see as a result of better study habits?

Childrens Martial Arts Bryant AR“I have three kids (16, 15, 9) and myself that workout at Revolution MMA. Each one of my children has benefited in fitness, confidence, and pride of accomplishment. The program at Revolution Mixed Martial Arts has also taught them what commitment actually is. Life’s not a video game, it takes hard work to achieve great reward. Working out at Revolution as a family has brought us all closer as we meet out personal goals together.”

~Christian W, Parent


Now, you’re probably thinking like everyone else does: “That sounds great, what do I do now?” 

It’s simple. Give us a call so we can schedule your introductory assessment. We’ll set up a time to take your child through an intro class and consultation. We’ll make sure we place your child in an age and skill appropriate class, and we will discuss your schedule and other activities in order to form a training plan that works for your family.

Here’s what you need for you intro assessment:

You’ll need to bring your child and both parents.  Your child will also need a bottle of water, and some comfortable clothes for your child. We also recommend feeding your child a healthy snack, such as a piece of fruit, and hour or so before your scheduled appointment.

It really is that simple.

Give us a call and we’ll reserve a spot just for you. Space is limited and on a first come, first served basis.



We can’t wait to see you there !




Team Revolution


Kids Karate Benton, Bryant, AR

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