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I wasn’t joking when I said you can get in kick-butt shape and learn real, effective, practical self defense. Have you ever watched a fighting championship on TV? Whether it be UFC, Boxing, K-1, Muay Thai, or anything else, there’s one thing you’ll notice: Everyone is in fantastic shape! That’s because the workout involved with Muay Thai Kickboxing provides all the benefits to shape, sculpt and tone your body and mind and literally transform you to a “new you”. And the best part is, you can customize this program to your needs and get results just as fast as you desire! It’s that easy.

But that’s not all: It’s not just a fat shredding, lean muscle building, life transforming workout program. The absolute best part is that you do not have to be a fighter to enjoy Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes, and you’re still going to learn real, practical skills that could save your life!

Sound’s good doesn’t it? But there’s just one requirement: You just have to be someone who is committed to reaching their own personal goals and achieving more! But I’m willing to bet you are that kind of person, after all, that’s why you’re reading this isn’t it?  You want that life transforming change…you’re looking for a new, better, and reinvented “you”.

At Revolution Mixed Martial Arts, we’ve already had so many people, just like you, do exactly that. And you can too, guaranteed!

Just check out what some of our many customers are saying about Muay Thai Kickboxing at Revolution MMA!


“I joined the Muay Thai Kickboxing class at Revolution back in June of 2010 and have loved it ever since! Just graduating college I was looking for something new in life to challenge me. I have found just that. What I like most about the class is toning your body to a healthier stronger state, but doing it in a way that is a lot of fun. Not only being able to learn self discipline but also protection. The people in class are fun and easy to work with and they are very supportive. I am so glad to have found a gym with the people and the instructors such as Abby Malone that will take the time and that wants to make sure you get it and do it right. Abby supports you and pushes you to strive harder than the class before .I know I have learned so much in techniques over the year but so much eager to learn more. I live an hour away from the gym but to me it’s worth the drive plus the time and effort. I can’t ever wait till the next class! Over all the best place to train in any manner!”


~Raven N


“When I came to Revolution I weighed 285 lbs. I was inactive and needed change in my lifestyle. I will say that starting out was not easy and it was hard work. But the benefits are guaranteed! I’ve lost 40 lbs and I feel great. I’m stronger, faster, and more flexible than ever. I’ve made some good friends and look forward to every class. In addition, I just had my first Kickboxing fight, something I thought I’d never do. Come join us, you will have fun!”


~ Paul S.

“Revolution MMA has changed not only my life but my husbands as well! Abby and Jorey are great instructors. They bring their love and respect of the martial arts to their classes, and fully engage every student individually! While there are many great physical/health benefits to the training, the sense of accomplishment, self respect, and confidence gained through the training are indescribable; and this makes REVOLUTION MMA the most positive martial arts experience in central Arkansas! “

~Sarah W.


“Since joining Revolution MMA I’ve lost weight, gained confidence and met some wonderful people. Everyone at Revolution from beginner to advanced level fighters are there to help you attain your fitness goals, whatever they be. I love it!”

- Chris Champagne (former professional soccer player)




Now that you’ve heard from some of our real life customers and their real success stories. Let’s look at more of the benefits you can get from Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes at Revolution MMA:

        • Watch the fat melt away
        • Improve cardio
        • Build Lean Muscle Mass
        • Sculpt your shoulders, arms, lets and butt
        • Get Faster
        • Walk with Confidence
        • Life Saving, practical Self Defense Skills
        • Professional coaching
        • Clean Facilities
        • Motivating Team Environment
        • Goal Setting and planning
        • Increased Flexibility
        • Age and skill appropriate classes
        • Personal coaching
        • Fun
        • Decreased Stress
        • Boosted Mental Clarity
        • Better sleep at night
        • Improved social relationships
        • Healthier lifestyle choices and habits
        • and so much more…..

“Revolution is the best in the business hands down! Great instructors, great students, great learning atmosphere. The staff and students create a new and exciting atmosphere for learning. If your serious about training and putting in the work to meet your own personal physical goals this is the place and the people to do it with. Its a team not a gym everyone is here and willing to help. 205 lbs when I walked in the door the first day, now i am at a competitive 160 lbs. The results speak for themselves.”


“My now almost 16 year old daughter began Kickboxing at Revolution MMA last year, it has drastically improved her self-confidence! She loves practices and never wants to miss! She gets so much exercise and in a fun way that also teaches her how to protect herself. Jory and Abby are wonderful, they work well with everyone and it has become more like a family. She always comes home telling me about the wonderful people she works with. I am looking forward to some daytime classes that I can attend, Thank you Abby for taking care of my girl and teaching her to take care of herself!!”

~Dawn A (Revolution MMA Benton)

I have done boxing since I was a kid. I started kickboxing at about 19. I am not a professional fighter; I don’t have much desire to go be the next UFC star. I am a regular guy, who has a good knowledge of the professionals because of my time at Revolution.
I do kickboxing because it is great for my health! For one, I can lose about 2-3 hundred calories or more in an hour long session. When I spar, it is about 400 calories or more! It’s an excellent overall workout for strength and conditioning. In class, I determine what I want to do, and how hard I work. There is something for everyone, whether it be individuals like me who are looking to get in shape, or the competitors who train more vigorously.  Revolution provides a controlled safe environment for all classes, and I know I am in good hands at Revolution. The staff members have competed internationally and at all levels from Amateur to Professional MMA. They regularly send members of the competition team to compete as well, starting them with a good basic knowledge, which increases as their own skills increase.
One of the better aspects of the program at Revolution is the guest instructors brought in to train with us. Revolution offers several seminars a year in which different instructors will give you different aspects of the game and share their individual knowledge with us.  This helps me grow my skill set and my overall confidence.
I really enjoy training at Revolution. The people at Revolution enjoy being around one another; we frequently have social events outside of the gym, which allows everyone to make new friends and have fun.

~Michael M. (Teacher)


Wow, that’s a lot of success isn’t it! And it’s so easy to get this kind of success from a real, professional, and committed facility like Revolution MMA. We know first hand the benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing. From watching our students train for a dream to compete in the World Championships, to bringing home an MMA title Belt, to the stay at home mom who wanted to get back in shape after having a baby, we know first hand what this program can do for every day people just like you. And we’re ready to make you are next success story.

“I’m Ready, So What Do I Do Now”

MMA gyms Benton, Bryant, ARGetting started in our Muay Thai Kickboxing program is easy: Pick up the phone and give us a call at the location nearest you:



One of our program consultants will schedule your first intro class and assessment. When you come in, just wear some comfortable clothes and bring some water. We’ll take you through an intro class and assess your current fitness level and more. From there, we’ll discuss your personal goals and where you see yourself in 6 month, 1 year or more. You’ll leave with a plan for success and you’ll have already taken the first step in your journey to a new you.

Talk with you soon!

~Team Revolution