John-Before-After-1024x726“When I started BJJ I weighted 222 and today I’m 204. Y’all may not know it but I really look up to you guys! The life I lead now is so much healthier than I think I have been my entire life; All around too… not just diet and fitness level. BJJ has helped me get my head right in so many ways. I don’t know how often people really thank you, but you 2 are real good people. I take a lot out of classes and just general conversation. Thanks for being an old man’s corner and not even knowing it!

~John G

“After 30 years behind a desk, I had the body to show for it. I needed a more demanding environment to actually lose the weight and tone up. My metabolism needed to be increased and a simple visit to the local gym just didnt produce the desired results. I needed to be pushed hard. I want to lose 50+ pounds. I viewed BJJ as intense enough to fit the bill. In addition, I wanted the increased confidence that I could handle a rough situation anywhere in teh world while traveling with my beautiful wife. That’s why I tried Revolution MMA’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program in Benton. 

We establish our personal goals together then Jory holds you accountable. My intitial goal was to lose 40 lbs.  After 5 weeks I had lost 20 lbs and we increased my goal to 53 lbs. My first anniversary weight. After 7 weeks, I have lost 26 lbs. I am very confident that I will equal or exceed my goal!” 

~Tom Woods

“My sons have been training at Revolution for six months. During that time, I have seen an increase in upper body strength and overall athletic ability. Coach Abby Malone is soft spoken, patient and organized. All of her training sessions are well planned, safe and fun. Coach Abby’s competition resume, easy-going disposition and coaching acumen make her the perfect kids jiu jitsu coach. Having access to coaching from a world class jiu jitsu athlete at this price point is a no brainer.” ~A.P.

“My time at Revolution MMA was incredible. With the aid of Revolution MMA, I lost 80lbs of weight and worked all of my muscles to a point that they have never experienced. Before I started training, I could barely get into the bed of a pickup truck, and now I can jump up like it’s no problem. Their training increased my range of motion and flexibility ten-fold. When I was searching for a martial arts studio to train in, I was nervous to just choose a random studio since anyone can claim they know anything, but Revolution MMA has shown me otherwise. It is headed by two professionals that have high ranking experience in their field, and in competition. Choosing the studio was simply a no-brainer for me. I am incredibly happy for the results that Revolution MMA has brought me, and I will recommend it to anyone who has the desire to learn martial arts.” ~Kyle Name

“Revolution’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program has empowered me. I have been part of the team for almost two years now, and I have such an appreciation for what I have gained from it. In addition to the world-class training opportunities (Seminars, training camps, private lessons, physical fitness and mobility assessments just to quickly name a few), I have lost forty pounds, I have gained enough self-confidence to compete, and being a female corrections officer- I don’t feel helpless walking in to work anymore. I know it sounds funny, but in truth, Revolution has helped to make me feel like a bad***.” ~ Carisa C.

I heard about Revolution from a friend who had nothing but wonderful things to say. My son had been asking about doing some martial arts so we went and watched a class. He was definitely interested in the trial class. I was amazed at how well he did. Signed him up and started regular classes immediately. He has learned so much in the time he has been there it’s unreal. He’s not just learning self defense, but learning to be a respectful, helpful, healthy, caring little man. I have been pleasantly surprised to watch him grow with each class. He’s much more athletic, coordinated, focused… Already. We’re truly blessed that we were sent to Revolution and very thankful for all Professor and Mrs Abby do. We also had my sons birthday party there. We’ve had a lot of parties in a lot of places and theirs was definitely the best to date. We are thankful to be at Revolution.” 
~ Love – Amy & Aiden

“The number 1 thing for me I got out of Revolution Mixed Martial arts.. was Confidence…not just for martial arts but for life too… I would thoughly and happily recommend them….”  Mark Nitschke

“My name is John Dixon and I am 46 years old. I have been training in kickboxing for one and a half years and Brazilian Jui Jitsu for two months. I am very happy with my progress at Revolution MMA in Benton. I really have enjoyed my time here. I feel great and am more confident in the skills I have learned. One thing I like about martial arts is that if you put forth an honest effort you will see results. I enjoy when I get to assist coaching in kickboxing also. Thanks Abby and Jory Malone for coaching and training me. It has been real fun.” 
 ~ John Dixon

Our child began Jiu-Jitsu August of this year. We wanted to enroll him in a class that would help him develop a strong character as well as teach him fundamental self-defense techniques. Revolution MMA has exceeded all of our expectations and we could not be happier. The Gym is kept very clean and the atmosphere is very inviting. Most of all Abby and Jory have proven to be a great instructors and mentors to the children. Abby’s patient but firm hand allows the students to gain the most from the class while still having a great time. Now, our son’s Jiu-Jitsu days are his favorite and he cannot wait to get to class! We would highly recommend Revolution MMA to anyone interested in starting their child in martial arts.” 

~ Jennifer C

Since I started training at Revolution MMA, I have seen Abby and Jory’s serious but common sense approach to training, it creates a well rounded class that not only teaches fundamental skills but builds self confidence in your abilities. It creates an atmosphere that promotes personal and team growth as a whole, the seminars are expert taught and the level of skill they bring to the class are unparalleled. Their methods of breaking down complex BJJ drills are unrivaled in southwest Arkansas. I would recommend Revolution MMA to any one of any level of skill to become a serious competitor.” ~ Christina G

Well update for me, received my blue belt back in June. It was a complete surprise. I was sure I was not gonna receive it till later in the year. Professor Jory also let me know I could compete in a tournament in July, my first at blue belt. I won double good. All thanks to the team I have at revolution. Jory and Abby are the best coaches around. I won double good at the tournament. My goal for 2013 is to compete in as many tournaments as I can. ~ Grant

March I joined Revolution Mixed Martial Arts in Benton. I travel two times a week there and some Saturdays. And i do have to say that gym has world class coaching and great training partners. Its changed my health and my depression has disappeared. I have made some new friends and met some Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts!!! Osss” ~John Linder


Revolution is a great place to train and stay healthy!  ~Brooke M. , Kickboxing Student 


1619425_705359646162077_1740199926_nWhile I’m not the most “hard core” student, I do travel often for work, so I get a chance to visit many other martial arts schools, and I can say without a doubt that the Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu instruction at Revolution is truly top notch. They really know their stuff.

~Dirk. BJJ Brown Belt & MMA Fighter



” Greatest thing that happened for my teenage son.” ~Elvia P.


” Everyone is very helpful and you’ll get in shape quick ” ~ Andrew P. High School Student


“Excellent instruction by true professionals. Jory and Abby bring in world champion NU BJJ Players regularly and hold phenomenal seminars. Become part of the NU family and join the Revolution!” ~Johnny W


” Their work with kids is amazing! ” ~Melissa P


” Extremely Professional. Friendly and Safe Environment. ” ~Steve


” Great place to train, great Professors and very reasonable prices! Abby and Jory have top BJJ Players in the gym all the time and hist great seminars. A+++ ” ~John

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