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Dominic Trains Martial Arts at Revolution MMA Benton. He also makes great grades at school

Well, we have been hard at work here at Revolution. ¬†And we’re pleased to share with you our featured Revolutionary and February student of the month for our Kids Martial Arts program¬†Dominic Cooper! Dominic has been a member of Revolution MMA here in Benton, AR for a few months and trains in our Beginners Kid’s class. Along with the other members of his class, he’s learning valuable self defense skills and getting in great shape. In fact, Dominic has lost some weight and gotten stronger since he joined. He’s also making good grades in school.

After class this last week, we sat down for an interview so you could learn a little more about Dominic:

Dominic is in the 7th grade and is 12 years old. He attends Benton Middle School and describes himself as a social guy. He got started in BJJ b/c he and his brother used to watch the UFC and MMA fights on tv, and he decided to look for a place to train.
Dominic had 2 main goals when he started training here at Revolution MMA in Benton: 1) to get in shape, and 2) to learn to defend himself. As a result he’s seeing improvement in both areas. He is losing weight and noticed he is getting more defined muscles.

Dominic’s favorite food is fried chicken but he said since he started training he’s been making an effort to eat healthy and stop eating out as much. He said his overall lifestyle has improved and while he’s doing well in school, he’s also started reading more books. He feels his training is helping him with his focus and that is reflected in his good grades. At school, Dominic says Science is his favorite subject.

As far as his training, Dominic says his favorite things about class are learning the Jiu Jitsu moves such as the guard, submissions and his stance. He particularly likes learning stance work, he said b/c it’s the foundation of self defense and teaches him to move out of the way or around someone. His long term goals are to learn kickboxing as well as more defense and offense as he improves. He would also like to try a competition someday.

Dominic’s hero is his dad. Dominic’s dad was in the army and lost his leg as a result. Dominic said this inspired him to do better. He said his dad is a good man and teaches him to do the right things.

We love having Dominic in class here at Revolution MMA Benton! Keep up the good work Dominic.

If you are interested in Revolution MMA Benton’s Kids Martial Arts programs, contact us today to set up an introductory consultation. We’d love to have you!


Karate For Kids Benton

Dominic practicing stance work with Austin

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