Coach Abby Malone Win’s Double Gold At Master’s Worlds


Great news!

Coach Abby from Revolution MMA in Benton AR recently traveled to Los Angeles CA and won Double Gold at the Masters and Seniors WORLD Jiu Jitsu Championships! She did not get a point scored on her the whole day and had a dominating performance!

Stay tuned for a more detailed blog, but this is a huge testament to hard work and the training programs we have at Revolution MMA Benton! Coach Abby trained very hard for this competition, and BJJ students Craig Kulesa and Trevor Childs came in and helped during the days and weekends. Her training included a weight routine to build strength and well as grappling skill work.

Revolution MMA Benton now has 4 World Titles, from our tiny gym in Benton, AR! We can’t wait to see the results we continue to create from scratch!

If you’re interested in transforming your life, whether it be by competing in the arena or just getting in shape and building a “new you”, contact us today for an introductory consultation. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Abby Malone Revolution MMA