Revolution MMA Benton Voted Best Martial Arts in Little Rock, AR !

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Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Benton named Best Martial Arts by Little Rock A-List voters

At Revolution MMA Benton we were thrilled and honored to be voted “Best Martial Arts in the Little Rock Area” in April 2014. The contest featured many well known Martial Arts gyms around the Little Rock area, but Revolution MMA Benton stood above the rest by the 13,000+ votes from almost 4,000 voters across 95 categories.

Check out Revolution MMA Benton’s Press Release, and check out Revolution MMA’s Reviews on the website itself.

There’s more to Martial Arts than learning how to kick.

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Who’s the best?

Benton/Bryant, Arkansas April 24, 2014

BJJ Gyms Little Rock, ARVoters named Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Benton the Best Martial Arts in the Central Arkansas area for 2014. To determine the winner, voters had more than 7 nominees to choose from. Congratulations to Revolution MMA Benton!

“From the Owner… Whether you want to be the next champion, simply just want to be in the best shape of your life, or want nothing but the best for your child and their future, you have found a team dedicated to nothing less than the best for you. Our mission is simple, World Class Training yields World Class results in the cage, ring, on the mats and in life.”

Little Rock A-List,, holds an annual contest to determine the best places in and around Central Arkansas, based on more than 13,000 votes from local experts. This year local experts awarded Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Benton as the 2014 Winner of Best Martial Arts in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas. Revolution received more than double the reviews of the second place runner-up, once the voters had spoken and the results were in. Local voters offered up their tips and reviews like this one from Dirk H, “While I’m not the most ‘hard core’ student, I do travel often for work, so I get a chance to visit many other martial arts schools, and I can say without a doubt that the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction at Revolution is truly top notch. The really know their stuff.”

Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Benton located at 17724 I-30, Suite #1, in Benton, Arkanasas has been building accolades in it’s nine years of operation not just in Central Arkansas but world-wide.  The academy, tucked along interstate 30 has made the news frequently producing World Champions and frequented the headlines of Arkansas’ papers with the success profiles of the men and women who train, find personal growth and coach there.

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Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Benton is located at 17724 I-30, STE 1, Benton, Arkansas 72019.

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Revolution MMA offers world class instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing for adults. While adults are their primary focus, Revolution MMA is well known and revered for their Kids Martial Arts programs as well.  When they’re not helping competitors reach their goals on the mat they are helping every day people transform their lives on and off the mat through weight loss, improved physical performance, mental clarity vision and focus and so much more.


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