These 3 Critical Mistakes Will Kill Benchmark Test Results from Coach Jory Malone of Revolution MMA Benton

These 3 Critical Mistakes Will Kill Benchmark Test Results

Most of our kids have benchmarks this week or coming up soon. I wanted to take the time to share some parenting “success tips” with you.

Generally kids and parents make 3 critical mistakes during this period, which lowers test scores:

The first critical and perhaps fatal mistake is they forget to engage in exercise and the important role in development it plays. They figure they’ll cut out exercise to better cram (next mistake) for the test. Public education has already made physical activity almost nonexistent in the past few decades. When was the last time you saw a climbing rope at a school? We’ve steadily fallen in World academic standings while steadily rising in the diseases of modern civilization. We just lost the Olympics to a country that collapsed a few years ago. There was a great TED presentation in last couple of years by neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert, which highlights the connection of the brain and movement:

If we continue on our current course, we’ll soon be spineless blobs riddled with clogged arteries and tumors by the time we make it to high school (recent studies have determined many teens are already suffering from arteriosclerosis putting them at risk for heart attacks before the age of 30!). While stereotypes in modern society separate the jock from the nerd. In reality, some of history’s greatest thinkers exercised vigorously for 5 hours a day. Your brain is an organ that requires blood flow to bring it fuel and nutrients necessary or optimum performance and the neuroplasticity required for learning. In addition humans are hard wired from the womb to learn best when something is associated with movement, our primary function on this planet. If at any time in the week you cut out exercise, your mental performance will decline.

The second critical mistake is trying to cram a lot of information in before testing, be it the day before a test of the week before a test. Students should have a set study schedule and rhythm. The brain and body likes habits and shifts in habits lead to undue stress, which lowers performance. Just like many top performers had a pre game routine, students need a regular routine with cues, place, and a body ready to learn. Excessive increase in studying only breaks this routine and diminishes performance.

The third mistake is nutrition and overall lifestyle. Optimum performance be it mental or physical are one in the same. Cells are cells and have the same requirements to perform at their best. There are several foods that help replenish neurotransmitters, the chemical components of thoughts, in your brain. At the same time you want to avoid any food that contains neurotoxins. Despite all the money we pay to the FDA to help protect us, they’ve been bought by companies dumping known neurotoxins banned for food use everywhere else in the world into our daily food supply. These neurotoxins are found in chewing gum, diet drinks and foods, and can literally drop your IQ for a couple of weeks after ingesting them. One major neurotoxin is fluoride found in large quantities in your tap water. You can score higher on testing simply by replacing your tap water with real spring water. A few years ago I got to spend some time training with Ron White the brain athlete and National Memory Champion. Here’s some tips from the champ himself:

And here’s the brain athlete in action:

As always, we wish the kids the best of luck on there benchmark tests from all of us at Revolution MMA Benton! If your child is in need of a lifeskills and development program, we invite you to check our our Kids Martial Arts program.

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Kids who exercise at Revolution MMA and practice healthy eating and sleeping habits do well on Benchmark Tests


Revolution MMA Benton Featured Student Review: Dominic Cooper!

Karate For Kids Benton
Kids Martial Arts Bryant

Dominic Trains Martial Arts at Revolution MMA Benton. He also makes great grades at school

Well, we have been hard at work here at Revolution.  And we’re pleased to share with you our featured Revolutionary and February student of the month for our Kids Martial Arts program Dominic Cooper! Dominic has been a member of Revolution MMA here in Benton, AR for a few months and trains in our Beginners Kid’s class. Along with the other members of his class, he’s learning valuable self defense skills and getting in great shape. In fact, Dominic has lost some weight and gotten stronger since he joined. He’s also making good grades in school.

After class this last week, we sat down for an interview so you could learn a little more about Dominic:

Dominic is in the 7th grade and is 12 years old. He attends Benton Middle School and describes himself as a social guy. He got started in BJJ b/c he and his brother used to watch the UFC and MMA fights on tv, and he decided to look for a place to train.
Dominic had 2 main goals when he started training here at Revolution MMA in Benton: 1) to get in shape, and 2) to learn to defend himself. As a result he’s seeing improvement in both areas. He is losing weight and noticed he is getting more defined muscles.

Dominic’s favorite food is fried chicken but he said since he started training he’s been making an effort to eat healthy and stop eating out as much. He said his overall lifestyle has improved and while he’s doing well in school, he’s also started reading more books. He feels his training is helping him with his focus and that is reflected in his good grades. At school, Dominic says Science is his favorite subject.

As far as his training, Dominic says his favorite things about class are learning the Jiu Jitsu moves such as the guard, submissions and his stance. He particularly likes learning stance work, he said b/c it’s the foundation of self defense and teaches him to move out of the way or around someone. His long term goals are to learn kickboxing as well as more defense and offense as he improves. He would also like to try a competition someday.

Dominic’s hero is his dad. Dominic’s dad was in the army and lost his leg as a result. Dominic said this inspired him to do better. He said his dad is a good man and teaches him to do the right things.

We love having Dominic in class here at Revolution MMA Benton! Keep up the good work Dominic.

If you are interested in Revolution MMA Benton’s Kids Martial Arts programs, contact us today to set up an introductory consultation. We’d love to have you!


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Dominic practicing stance work with Austin

Discover The Body Fixer Classes At Revolution MMA Benton That Lead To Radical And Rapid Transformation!

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Yep, that’s right, We’ve added more classes at Revolution MMA Benton!  This has been a long term plan in the works. Many have started hearing the news headlines about our gym tucked along I-30 in Benton, Arkansas. And we know that a crucial, yet often neglected part of your Martial Arts training is building a proper athletic foundation and ensuring your movement patterns are going to lead to continued progress and success. At a certain point in everyone’s journey their body mechanics or more simply put “movement” can make or break them. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the most neglected areas in most training programs you’ll find in the area. Professional coaches with backgrounds, educations, and experience in movement assessment, biomechanics, and corrective exercise are very rare here in the US. It’s a sad statistic, but 90% of the people who begin an exercise program to better their health end up injured in the first thirty days due to not seeking professional coaching or having and unknowledgeable coach. This is a real dilemma in the health and fitness community, which leaves so many unable to reach their goals and discouraged to say the least. At Revolution, human movement is the most beautiful art and a science. People have greatness within them and deserve to live the life they were meant to live an express their potential to the fullest. Revolution has always set the highest standards in professional coaching by giving their clients access to world-renown coaches and being Arkansas’ source for World Class Coaching.

A proper athletic foundation express through proper movement will allow you to learn faster and implement the skills you learn in class on an accelerated plan you just can’t find anywhere else. That translates to climbing that success ladder much, much faster. Regardless of whether you desire to compete or just train to stay in shape or for self defense, you won’t be able to use much of what you learn if you’re not in good shape or if you’re always injured. Proper mechanics training helps prevent that.  Let’s face it, jumping in a Martial Arts class without a proper athletic foundation is a recipe for injury… but improving your overall athleticism along with your skill will help you reach your goals, keep you from getting injured, having you feeling and looking great, and most importantly it’ll fill that hole in your life… that something that’s been missing all along that you just can’t seem to put your finger on. People often comment on the transformation that’s taking place in their life each week as everything just seems to begin to fall into place. Your friends and coworkers will want to know your secret.

Every month we evaluate and track your progress and everything is carried out under the watchful eyes of our expert coaches. Now people from other states and even other countries have begun to make a pilgrimage to Revolution MMA in Benton, Arkansas just to see what’s the magic everyone is hearing about. Josh was our King of Improvement last month. After a devastating knee injury, he’s not only moving normal again, he’s defying being reduced to a life of mediocrity and performing extraordinarily living life to the fullest. At Revolution you don’t have to except being too old, hurting, or being told you can’t do something. At Revolution we use our “Secret Keys of Success” to set you free of a boring life of settling in and “keeping us with the Jonses”. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity and your destiny is not to be the average Joe.

Gyms in Bryant, AR

High Box Stepups

Movement training isn’t just for the guys either. Brooke, one of our long time Kickboxers and Instructors is training hard as well. Strength training helps women in many more ways than they would realize. Don’t worry about bulking up, Brooke hasn’t turned into a man yet. She can handle herself if one gets the wrong intentions with her. And she is building muscle mass that will let her burn more calories and improve her skill work… all while preventing injury that can rob her life of happiness down the road. Strength training planned and performed properly is helping her and the other women at Revolution like the way they look and catching the eyes of others. Brooke radiates confidence… the kind that stops people in their tracks every time she steps into a room. There’s just something different about her and the confidence has made her the class over achiever in college. The results speak for themselves, the Athletic Development Program at Revolution helped another one of Revoluton’s women, Coach Abby, win Double Gold for Revolution’s Jiu Jitsu program at the World Championships last month as well in Los Angeles, California! These are women that can perform just as good as they look.

Coach Jory Malone, a World Champion and mastermind trainer of World Champions, long time professional athlete and world renown coach, author, and speaker is the head instructor of the speed, strength, and movement institute at Revolution MMA.  In addition to overseeing all the clients workouts to improve the students in and out of the gym, Coach Malone has a passion to pass on his knowledge to them so that they can begin to understand the fundamentals of training, and implement these things in their daily lives to transfer this success to truly live the life they were meant to live and unlock their potential.

If you’re on a treadmill to nowhere, have tried the latest diets and fads only to fail again and again, feel like there’s something missing in your life or a void, Are sick and tired of the latest magic pill of more unfulfilled promises, know there has to be something more, and are ready to say, “Yes, I don’t want to settle for average, mediocre, or where I’m at now and know you can be more”, call us right NOW… DO NOT wait another MINUTE. Pick up your phone and CALL NOW: 


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