Upcoming Kickboxing Seminar with William McGlothlin

Ok Kickboxers! The year is off to a good start and we are in full force with Kickboxing! Kickboxing classes here at Revolution MMA Benton have been packed. We’ve got folks training for competitions and we’ve got folks losing weight, achieving their goals, doing and being MORE and LIVING LIFE ON THEIR OWN TERMS.
That’s what it’s all about.

In a never ending quest to bring you the best, we are hosting William McGlothlin for a Kickboxing seminar April 18 at 6 pm. He’ll cover some of his secret, proven strategies that have taken both of his sons to win multiple Kickboxing World Championships at the IKF World’s as well as MMA fights. William himself is a Professional MMA Fighter and BJJ Black Belt.

I look forward for this opportunity. The semianr is $60 and you can register in class. You can also see more information on the Facebook Event Page.

As always, If you’re not in our Kickboxing Classes yet and you’re ready to Transform your life: out with the old in with the new. Kick suck to the curb and live the life you were meant to live…. Call us now and schedule your no obligation introductory class. 


Muay Thai Kickboxing Lessons Little Rock, AR


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